SupertiteMulti-Grab 360 Degree Glue Tube

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Package Size: 60ml (2 fl. Oz)
Our favourite multi-use adhesive is an industrial contact cement, Multi-Grab 360° gives you unlimited adhesive bonding solutions for jewellery making, crafting and repairs around the house. It is strong, flexible, permanent AND waterproof. Multi-Grab is classified as a low odor contact adhesive and will not dry out in the tube after multiple uses. Just apply a small drop of glue to the surface, allow for 2 minutes of open air time and then press together the surfaces to be bonded. For precision projects we suggest using it with our glue syringe set sku GS150SET. Multi-Grab 360° passes the E.U. Chemical safety regulations (REACH) for consumer use. BONDS: Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Stone, Plastics (flexible and Rigid), Textiles, Wood, Paper, Crystals and select foam building blocks and craft foam.