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beaded card case


Date: Sunday, March 17, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM sharp. NOTE: The store will open at 11:00am rather than the normal 12:00pm. Also as this class will run continuously till approximately 4:00pm you should bring a snack or lunch with you

Teacher: Naomi Smith. Naomi is a Native Artisan and Educator. An early awareness of her First Nations heritage forged a strong interest in Native American beadwork, adornment and textiles. She is actively involved in educating others about the ways of the First Nations people of the Woodlands and Northeastern area from a historical and contemporary perspective often through the story of beads. For over 15 years Naomi has designed and created traditional Native Beadwork, Leather craft, Moose Hair Embroidery, Quill work, Sweetgrass or Birch Bark basket making and adornment, always valuing these Sacred materials throughout her creative process.

Description: Participants will learn to create a small beaded card case with a Woodlands Native flair using flat and raised beading techniques.This petite case will hold important cards such as debit cards, credit cards or a driver's licence. Participants will have an opportunity to learn raised and various bead embroidery techniques to fashion a functional and beautiful item.Indigenous teachings will be part of the learning experience.

This is an all skills level class but comfort with hand sewing is an asset. Participants are encouraged to bring a basis sewing kit consisting of: small scissors, magnification if needed, flat nose jewellery pliers, pen and notebook.

Cost: $70 plus tax. A kit fee of $30.00 is payable in cash to the instructor on the day of the class.

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