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Oranges and lemons


Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Time: 1:00 PM

Teacher: Alison

Description: Developed by Alison, The Young Creators classes are for girls and boys (age 9+) who are interested in experiencing some foundation skills and techniques for creating jewellery and other types of accessories.

Join Alison for Oranges and Lemons as we explore flat spiral stitch using a needle and thread to create this fun two-delicious citrus themed bracelet. You will learn the basics of the stitch and discuss how to develop it into more advanced designs.

This project may not be completed in class but you will be shown how to finish one end to attach the clasp.

Students should understand the importance of safety when working with sharp needles and scissors. This approximately 3 hour class is limited to four students.

Cost: $35/student+tax plus materials(materials must be purchased from the shop)

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