About That Bead Lady: A Beading Tale


by Cathy Lampole

That Bead Lady started around 1996, which was just about the time when online shopping became popular. I had 16 years of experience as a senior buyer for a Canadian department store, and quite a bit of experience with all kinds of needle arts, so I decided to turn my skills into a business of my own.

Planting Seed with an Online Bead Store

I began with a small online bead store, carrying primarily Miyuki beads and beading kits featuring my own designs. I remember the first show we did, what was then known as the Creative Needlework Festival. We had the smallest booth available, but I was almost sold out the first day, so I knew we had something going!

Websites were then mainly homemade, but Canadians sure found us! As we grew, so did our space at shows until we had to buy a huge trailer and truck to move our many beads.

Growing into our Newmarket Bead Store

In 2004, we were ready to open an actual bead store. We still managed to run the online bead store as well as keeping up with all of the shows for a few years.

With all of this wonderful growth, I eventually reach a point where I was almost burned out. Our online bead store updates were suffering, and we were not able to physically manage all the work involved with the shows.

I really dislike doing something part way, so the decision was made to stop selling online and to stop doing most of the shows. This allowed us to focus on the actual bead store and develop That Bead Lady into the premier shop for beads in the province.

We expanded and doubled our bead store space in the spring of 2010. I can tell that customers love us!

A Whole New Adventure with our New Online Bead Store

Now, we feel the time is right to take our shop back online. We feel we have the variety and the expertise to be a premier online bead store as well!

I have to truly thank all of our fabulous customers who have supported us over the years. You have made this simple job of mine into more than a business – it’s my love, it’s my life, and it’s fabulous!

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