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Please check our refund policy

LOYALTY CARDS: (your yellow cards) once you have reached $500 on your yellow cards, you will receive a $50 credit on your NEXT DAY visit!! no exceptions please.
STORE SECURITY:  We ask all customers to shop with their purse/bag closed. Please feel free to use our work table if you want to review your selections, match with other things you may have with you etc etc.
Please note, we do have security cameras working throughout the shop, and we watch !
CHILDREN: Please supervise your children at all times! A bead store can be a dangerous place for little ones to wander. 
WASHROOM We do not have a washroom for customers to use. Please respect this, and make a stop before you arrive!

See a tour of our store:

That Bead Lady Store Front

Window Display

Inside That Bead Lady Store - Front to Back

Chain Tables

Swarovski Room

Swarovski Room Wall

Seed Bead Room

Seed Bead Room

Stone Wall


Tool Wall


That Bead Lady Store - Back to Front


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